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At Castorena Company you can find a wide variety of home products. These products include kitchen appliances, fireplaces, bathroom products, and more. With a wide variety of brands available, our goal is to find the perfect match for our customer’s home. The products we offer vary from high end products, premium products, and standard products. Whether you are looking for a  professional, modern, or traditional look, we carry the home product you desire. Castorena Company guarantees competitive pricing for any product we carry as we make it a goal to look for the best interest of our customers. We are located in Yuma, AZ. Feel free to browse through our website and contact us if you are interested in anything. Happy surfing!


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Castorena Company has certified technicians that are trained to fix any problem there might be with your home products. These products include: Kitchen appliances, laundry products,fireplaces, outdoor grills (and accessories) and bath products (plumbing). Contact us so we can set up a service call. Our email is and our number is (928) 627-3386.

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