Standard appliance brands are the more basic products of the segments we offer. These brands offer great value and are very practical. 


Premium appliance brands have a modern design and carry some built-in products. They have more functions that standard brands and have a wider variety of products.


High-end appliance brands are those that consist of built-in products, professional style as wells as modern style. These products have functions and designs that seprate them from their competitors.

Kitchen appliances

Castorena Company offers a wide variety of appliance brands and products so our customers can find exactly what they are looking for. Whether you are looking for a built-in look for your kitchen or you want to keep it simple and find freestanding appliances, Castorena Company has what you are looking for. We have seperated the diferent style of brands for your convinience. The following are the different segments of brands that we carry. Click on the picture that is the style that you are searching for. 

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