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Castorena Company has factory certified technician who will repair products. This service avoids the frustrating 1-800 calls.

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Whether it is a new building project or a remodeling project, we know that efficiency is vital in order to finish a project in the initial projected date. A big part of our function here in Castorena Co is to work with the builder, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. in order to avoid confusion in product specification, This communication helps everyone make the right decisions the first time, helping everything run smoothly.


One of the advantages of Castorena Company is the wide variety of products that we have available. Our portfolio includes kitchen appliances, fireplaces, plumbing products, outdoor kitchen products, saunas/steam generators, sinks and faucets, also offering a selection of styles such as built-in products, luxury items, premium products and much more.  


When purchasing with Castorena Company, you can also count on our factory certified installers to do professional work when installing your products.

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We want to make your home as beautiful as possible 

Lets us be a part of your team as we try to find the perfect products for your personalized home. There are so many options available that there is bound to be a perfect fit for every need. We are here to help you find that perfect fit, making your home truly unique. 

The following are the traits that we believe separate us from our competitors: