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sauna  brands

Saunas are built to get you temperature to rise by using dry heat emitted in a variety of ways including hot coals, electric heaters, or infra red lamps. The heat will be more intense than a steam room because of the lack of humidity but its purpose is basically the same, to make you sweat and draw out impurities. The dry heat also relaxes muscles, increasing their stimulation and allowing them to repair and recover. 

The following are a list of sauna and steam generator brands: Steamist, Mr. Steam, and Steam-Whirl. Clicking on the icon for each brand leads you to their website where you can check out their variety of products. If you are interested in any product or products, send us an e-mail or give us a call and we can work on making an estimate.

steam generator brands

Steam generators help heat your body up naturally, causing you to perspire. As your pores open up, your body will excrete metabolic waste with beads of sweat. Steam rooms also are great for getting the pulse racing, an effect of the heat on the cardiovascular system. The boost in blood circulation causes small blood vessels in your skin to expand, enhancing the amount of nutrients that can be carried to the skin. The result is the fresh faced flush look when you leave the steam room.


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